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About Us

JSR Commercials glad to see interest towards motivating green energy , we would like to introduce JSR Commercials as Traders Solar Panel, Solar battery ,solar inverter Solar street lights and solar geyser.JSR Commercial provide wide range of customized solar panel And installation concept and design to commissioning to for residential and commercials application. These installation can designed on the base of client and installed at site by our experts. The scope will includes system Design, material specification and plant layout , supply of components  and system integration and installation .We are authorized dealer of all popular brands. We deal in Inverters, Battery, Solar panel and Geysers,Charge Controller  water Purifier. We Deal in all types of solar system for home, Business , School , Petrol Pump and Industry. We provide free of Cost solar design and consultancy as per site and requirement. JSR Commercial is established company in power backup solution . we have experience technician team who suggest you Solution according to your choice and needs. Our aim to set benchmark for quality power products , customer experience and honest  practices.


To flourish as the premier drinking water solutions provider globally by becoming the chief innovator in water purification technologies that will make Idoneo a universally prominent brand that is trusted beyond boundaries.


To bring about a revolution in the water purifier industry through cutting-edge technology that goes beyond current industry standards and to develop an experience with the product that leaves a lasting impression while offering safe and healthy drinking water that can be trusted.

Company Background

Idoneo is a growing company which is backed by various financial institutions and has complete stability in the market.

To make more brand in public, Idoneo aspire to have major market share in domestic reverse osmosis purifier in the next quarter.

Company Management

  • Idoneo is a private limited company which foresees itself to bring a paradigm shift in the reverse osmosis water purifier industry in the near future.
  • Hailing from an industrial background, one of the leading water purifier producers of India, Idoneo top management and directors comprises of the most elite in the business.
  • Having been exposed to this industry for a longer time, they know all the pros and cons.
  • Along with their expertise and manpower resources, they are competent enough to manage distribution efficiently.
  • Most of their expertise comes from their understanding of the brand itself and the water purifier industry.

Expansion Plans

  • Idoneo has captured all the major cities of North India and plans an all India presence in a short period of time.
  • Along with selling products, Idoneo also wants to create maximum impact in these locations as a brand to further consolidate brand presence.
  • Constantly, Idoneo is refining its services and growing in terms of quality and performance.

Product Development And R&D

  • To give the brand more stability and exposure in the market, Own is set to release its mid-range version of water purifiers for different market groups.
  • OWN also plans to release its water softeners in the near future.

Export Plans

  • JSR Commercials further seeks to establish itself Internationally by crossing borders and selling products in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.
  • Placing the product globally in order to make OWN water purifiers the new age purifier of the globe.


  • ISO 9001:2008 certified, Idoneo envisions to give assurance to quality; all our products have gone through rigorous quality checking processes to ensure safe drinking water.
  • We make sure none of the products enter the market without the rigorous stage of quality checking and testing.

Sales Support

  • Idoneo is always looking for ways to collaborate with those desirous of becoming part of the Idoeno family.
  • By having Idoneo as a part of your offerings, you choose the best in water purification technology and bring to the people a trusted brand.
  • Idoneo looks towards building a mutually beneficial relationship that offers immense scope and growth potential.

Marketing support

  • With proper marketing and strategic tools, OWN looks to capitalize most from the market space.
  • OWN wants to use the maximum support from advertisements.By the end of this quarter, Idoneo will make sure the product will reach and will be available in all retail outlets.
  • Idoneo has influenced most of its target audience and installed the brand image in their minds through various ad campaigns.
  • Idoneo has also taken active participation to keep up with the trend and market by participating in various trade shows, exhibitions, etc.
  • To inculcate the brand image in the masses, Idoneo has released many of its ad campaigns through various leading newspapers.